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    Useful informations

    Necessary documents to travel
    • Citizen card or passport, authorization for minors (update with SEF), visas, vaccination certificate for some countries.
    Travel in the EU
    • For medical assistance, you must have the European Health Insurance Card;
      • All passengers with nationality from non-EU countries are recommended to consult their respective embassies / consulates in order to check the information regarding the necessary documentation to carry out their trip.
      • Minors are always required to travel with a citizen / passport card.
    Travel outside the EU
    • Passport
    • Visas (if applicable)
    • Minors are required to travel with a passport.
    Most countries where a passport is required, it is advised that the validity of the passport be longer than 6 months after the date of departure from the destination country.
    • It is essential to have your vaccination bulletin updated before traveling.
    • Vaccinations should be done some time in advance, if applicable
    • Attend a “traveler’s consultation” for advice.
    How to pay for my journey
    • Bank transfer
    • MB Way
    • Credit cards:
      • Visa or Mastercard
    It depends on the case and differs from service to service.
    Checklist for your journey
    • Air ticket and travel documentation
    • ID Card
    • Passport
    • Insurance policy
    • Credit cards
    • Cash in small amounts
    • Mobile phone and charger
    • Earphones for listening to music (why not)
    • Sunglasses
    • Clothing according to destination temperatures
    • Medicines: for day to day and for eventualities
    • Vaccine bulletin (if the destination requires it)
    • Insect repellent (for tropical destinations)
    • Ointment for insect bites
    • Sunscreen
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Others you think necessary…
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