Out of Africa


Out of Africa, a journey of a lifetime!

A journey of a lifetime! during your stay you will feel nature like never before. Kenya is our favorite destination for a heart and soul Safari.

Located in East Africa, it is the birthplace of the word "Safari", which means "travel" in the local Swahili language.

Xjourney will rewrite in a “travel” way, what Karen Blixen detailed in her novels about the fantastic and unique Savannah of Mara.

In excitement, we will feel “the circle of life”, the nature in connection with the various wild animals in an epic fight between predator and prey.

We can also combine an exclusive safari with a stay on a stunning Indian Ocean beach such as Diani, Mombassa, Lamu Island among others.

Prepare your safari “mood”, as we are already preparing a magnificent jeep equipped with bespoke drinks, binoculars, blankets if necessary and gourmet picnic baskets.

Our “captain” of the plane is ready to take us where the soul asks us to go!

See you later,
See you in Nairobi

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